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对……有更好的了解 的英语短语怎么翻译

very important

一楼的很好,相当不错,但个人观点是不要用various perspectives,这样直译太中国英语化了,应该from different standpoints更适合,多种角度就是不同的角度。

find out to know about acquaint oneself with

考虑 n. consideration, think v. premeditate, think over, consider, square up, think out


be good for

as for contributing

the same as: 与...同样的 例句与用法: 1. The imperial gallon is not the same as the US gallon. 英制的加仑和与美制的容量不同。 2. Double- clicking a control- menu box is the same as choose the close command. 双击一个控制菜单框与...

在某方面有经验 Have experience in sth 望采纳,谢谢


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