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keep in touch 基本翻译 保持联络 网络释义 Keep in touch:保持联系 | 拥抱 | 保持联络


Keep in touch. keep in touch 保持联系,保持联络,连结联系 keep sb in touch 相互保持联络

keep in touch with 与……保持联系

keep in touch 意思是:保持联络 [英][ki:p in tʌtʃ][美][kip ɪn tʌtʃ] 以下双语例句: 1. I will always remember them, and hope to keep in touch as they begin their perilous journeys into adulthood. 我将永远...

get in touch with 是“与...取得联系”,强调动作,如I can't get in touch with my old friends after my cell phone was stolen..keep in touch with 是"保持联系”与be in touch with 相似,都是强调一种状态.如跟朋友道别时,可以说“Keep in touch!"


Be well and keep in touch 中文翻译:保持良好的联系 keep in touch 英[ki:p in tʌtʃ] 美[kip ɪn tʌtʃ] v. 保持联络; [例句]I wanted to keep in touch, but when I called him he gave me the brush-off. 我想和他保...

keep in touch with 保持联络 例句: But you can keep in touch with them. 但是你可以跟他们保持联络哦。 It can be a good idea to keep in touch with a parent you see less often because of distance. 由于距离的关系,你可能跟父母中的...

keep in touch 英[ki:p in tʌtʃ] 美[kip ɪn tʌtʃ] v. 保持联络; [例句]We're a tight group, so we do keep in touch. 我们关系很铁,所以的确保持着联系。


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