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woulD hAvE to Do sth

would的语法是would sb do sth而不是would sb to do sth 或者doing sth jingruizhoupu

would do sth对的 would是助动词would无词义,是will的过去形式,与动词原形构成过去将来时,用于第二、第三人称,例如: He said he would come.他说他要来。 比较: "I will go," he said. 他说:"我要去那儿。" 变成间接引语,就成了: He sa...

would like sth=喜欢做某事,习惯性的 I would like reading book。 would like to do sth=喜欢去做某事 最近的 Recently,I would like washing clothes。 would like sb to do sth=喜欢某人做某事 I would like you to give me a flower。

有。A visiting British soccer fan named Pete would have liked to see more of Beckham.一篇文章里看到的,不过意思我也不是很清楚

首先要知道,would like 可以跟 to do sth使用,不可以跟doing sth 一起使用,有like doing sth的用法,但绝对没有would like doing sth。 like doing sth表示长时间的喜欢做某事,指兴趣爱好。在意义上比较一般和抽象,时间观念不强,不指某一...

下列动词或词组后面都可以接doing: admit 承认 appreciate 感激 avoid 避免 complete完成 consider认为 delay 耽误 deny 否认 detest 讨厌 endure 忍受 enjoy 喜欢 escape 逃脱 fancy 想象 finish 完成 imagine 想象 mind 介意 miss 想念 postpo...


have sth.to do 有是要做 比较: have sth.done 请(让)某人做某事(不是亲自做) . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

you'd better do 是固定用法。 没有这个的:You would better to do sth

1. Do the referee have the power to send him off the field. 裁判员有权勒令他退场吗. 来自互联网 2. We have now, and are first generation with, the power to do this. 我们是有能力做到这一切的第一代. 来自互联网 3. Many people do no...


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